Norfolk Refugee Committee

Norfolk Refugee Committee

Refugee Sponsorship

Background: On November 1, 2015, Waterford United Church voted to join a large group of churches and community members as part of the Norfolk Refugee Committee. The Committee applied in January 2016 through the Roman Catholic Diocese of London to sponsor a Syrian refugee family.

Members of WUC have been involved in many ways:
• donating money and household goods
• accepting and processing donations from people without a church affiliation
• preparing for the family's arrival
• serving on the executive, orientation, finance and medical committees
• assisting in driving
• teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in the family's home

On April 13, 2016
a Syrian family of six, parents and four children ages 10 months to 8 years arrived from a refugee camp in Jordan, where they had been living for three years. The family initially lived in Delhi, but soon moved to Simcoe. The older children attended school, and the parents worked on ESL lessons at home with volunteer teachers.

February 2017 Update:
The father has a job at a car dealership, and is working towards getting his driver's license. In January, the mother started ESL classes three days a week in Brantford in co-operation with another sponsorship group. The youngest child is in daycare at his mother's school, while the three older children attend public school.

Future Plans:
The Norfolk Refugee Committee is applying to sponsor two more families, relatives of the present family; but it is uncertain when either family will arrive.

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